Storia Hotels (hereinafter "the Hotel") have the following Terms of Use for customers to use the Internet Reservation System operated by the Hotel (hereinafter "the System").
Customers must agree with and follow these Terms of Use to use the System.

Article 1 (Compliance with the Basic Rules)

In using the System, customers shall respect manners and morals generally recognized in use of the Internet as well as comply with any technical rules.
It is strictly prohibited to use the System for a commercial purpose for any reasons, including but not limited to acting as a paid-for reservation agency.
Only such a reservation made by a customer whose name is registered as a hotel guest will be accepted.
Any reservation made by an unregistered customer will be canceled by the Hotel after checking the registration. An email notice on the cancellation will be transmitted thereafter.

Article 2 (Measures to Be Taken against the Violation of the Basic Rules)

A customer who has acted a conduct that the Hotel considers inappropriate, including but not limited to such a conduct that may cause an annoyance or detriment to a third person or that may have adverse effect on our service, may be refused to use the System and the Hotel.

Article 3 (Influences Caused by Customer's Use Environment)

The System is available only for a customer, whose settings are properly established, including but not limited to fonts (Japanese characters), email and printers.
The Hotel shall not be liable for any result of operation caused by a customer who does not meet this requirement and/or any influences therefrom.
Moreover, even when such requirement is satisfied, the Hotel shall not be liable for any influences in the event where the System does not operate properly due to any causes beyond the Hotel's control, including any and all circumstances arising in connection with the environmental settings on the computer of the customer.

Article 4 (Qualification to Use the System)

Only those customers who have agreed to these Terms of Use may use the System.
Any customer who has made a reservation by using the System shall be regarded as having agreed to these Terms of Use and shall comply with them.

Article 5 (Service Provided through the System)

Reservations for some services provided by the Hotel may be placed through this System on the "Website of Storia Hotels".

Article 6 (Compliance with Rules in Using the Services Reserved)

In using the services reserved, customers shall comply with rules of accommodation and any terms of use separately provided by the Hotel.

Article 7 (Note for Use of the System)

The service provided through the System shall not give customers any priority to such services provided other than on the Website of Storia Hotels (such as reservations by phone or on other Internet reservation sites).
Accordingly, a reservation may not be accepted for such a reason that rooms are fully booked.

Article 8 (Self-responsibility of Users)

  • 1. In using the System, customers shall be responsible for their own conducts as well as any conducts that have been done by using their mail accounts, including any results arising therefrom, regardless of whether such conducts were acted by themselves or whether there is a fault on the side of the customers.
    Moreover, in using the System, if a customer has caused any damage to a third person, the customer shall be responsible at its own cost for the settlement of dispute with the third person unless such damage has been caused by any fault on the part of the Hotel.
  • 2. In the event that a user has caused a damage to the Hotel and/or the System by acting any of the following items, the Hotel shall be entitled to claim such damage in full to such user:
  • (1)When a user has violated these Terms of Use, rules of accommodation and any terms of use separately provided by the Hotel;
  • (2)When a user has transmitted or posted any harmful computer program;
  • (3)When a user has transmitted or posted any third party information;
  • (4)When a user has used the System for purposes other than its own private use without authorization of the Hotel; or
  • (5)When a user has acted any other conduct which constitutes a violation of applicable laws and ordinances in Japan.

Article 9 (Cancellation and Change of Reservation)

Of the reservations made by using the System, any cancellation of those other than on the day of staying shall be made on the Internet at the customer's own responsibility.
Any cancellation or change on the day of staying, or other inquiry shall be made by phone to each of Storia Hotels.
Any communication on a reservation made by using the System shall be made by phone to Storia Hotels only, and email communication is not available.

Article 10 (Information Necessary for Using the System)

It is an absolute requirement to prepare the following information for use of the System:

  • 1. An email account available to transmit or receive emails.
  • 2. In the case of any defect or insufficiency in the entry of personal data in the application form, the reservation may become null and void.

Article 11 (Change of Contents on the System)

The Hotel may change the operation or contents of the System judged as necessary at its sole discretion without prior notice to customers.
Customers must confirm these Terms of Use each time they use the System.
After any change in these Terms of Use, only the changed terms shall be valid and those terms prior to the change shall become null and void.

Article 12 (Temporary Interruption)

In the case of falling under any of the following items, the Hotel may temporarily suspend the use of the System without a prior notice to or approval of customers:

  • (1)In the case of maintenance or construction of the System;
  • (2)In the case of hardship of operation arising out of act of god, disturbances or other emergencies or the likelihood of such occurrence; or
  • (3)In the case where the Hotel considers at its sole discretion it is necessary to temporarily suspend the use of the System for operational or other reasons on the Website of Storia Hotels as well as the System.

Article 13 (Applicable Law for Treatment of the System)

The treatment of the System shall be governed by laws applicable in Japan.

Article 14 (Effect of the Terms of Use)

These Terms of Use shall take effect as from the 1st day of November, 2008 (Japan Standard Time).