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▼ From Chubu Centrair International Airport

From Chubu Centrair International Airport

*Depending on the number of people, pick-up service is available. (From Tsu shin port to Hotel)

  • By Train
  • By Car
  • By Ship

*Depending on the number of people, pick-up service is available. (From Tsu shin port to Hotel)

▼ From Kansai International Airport

From Kansai International Airport

  • By Train
  • By Car
  • By Ship
Rental Car Information

Rental Car Information

If you would like to rent a car, please arrange it by yourself.
Toyota Mie Rental & Leasing Corporation / 8:00~20:00
0800-7000-815(Toll free), 03-5954-8020(+81-3-5954-8020)

Parking Information

Parking Information

A free parking lot is available for those staying in our hotel.
Free/Up to 70 vehicles/No height limitation
There are spaces for large-size vehicles and trucks.
So you do not need to worry even if you come with a large vehicle.

Sightseeing Spot Information

  • Suzuka Circuit

    Suzuka Circuit

    Suzuka Circuit - An origin of the mobility culture.A large amusement stage that everyone from a child to an adult can enjoy.Plenty of events - a variety of races are held!

    Address: 7992 Ino-cho, Suzuka-shi, Mie

    TEL: 0593-78-1111

    Reception Hours: Weekdays 9:00 to 19:00/Weekends and holidays 9:00 to 18:00

    15 minutes by car

  • Ise Kameyama Castle Ruin

    Ise Kameyama Castle Ruin

    Castle built by Munenori Okamoto in 1590.
    It is said that Tadaharu Horio mistook Ise Kameyama Castle for Tanba Kameyama Castle (located in Kameoka-shi, Kyoto) and destroyed it in 1632.
    The existing tamon-yagura (turret) is designated as the only one historic spot in Mie prefecture.

    Address: Honmaru-cho, Kameyama-shi, Mie

    TEL: 0595-84-5078

    A 10-minute walk

  • Seki-juku


    Seki-juku, with more than 200 existing houses which were built from the late Edo to Meiji period, is designated as the Nation's Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings.

    Address: Kizaki (Higashi Oiwake) to Shinjo (Nishi Oiwake)

    TEL: 0595-84-5078

    15 minutes by car

  • Kameyama Sunshine Park

    Kameyama Sunshine Park

    This is a city park combined with Higashi-Meihan Expressway Kameyama SA. In this park, you can enjoy nature in every season.
    There is a facility in which you can enjoy barbecue.

    Address: 801-1 Fuke-cho, Kameyama-shi, Mie

    TEL: 0595-83-0339

    15 minutes by car

  • Ise Grand Shrine/Okage Yokocho

    Ise Grand Shrine/Okage Yokocho

    Okage Yokocho in front of Ise Grand Shrine is a sight seeing spot reproducing the old-style town in the Edo and Meiji periods.There are many shopping spots and you can enjoy eating while walking.

    Address: 1 Ujitachi-cho, Ise-shi, Mie

    TEL: 0596-24-1111

    Opening hours: 9:30 to 17:30

    2 hours by car

  • Iga-ryu Ninja Museum

    Iga-ryu Ninja Museum

    In this museum, you can see a glimpse of the mysterious world of the Iga-ryu Ninja.
    In addition to the exhibitions of Ninja's tools and Ninja-related documents as well as the sale of Ninja goods, a Ninja attraction show and a hands-on experience with Shuriken (a throwing star) are also popular.

    Address: 117 Ueno Marunouchi, Iga-shi, Mie

    TEL: 0595-23-0311

    Opening hours: 9:00 to 17:00

    40 minutes by car

Wide Area Sightseeing Information

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